OVOU Cards use NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR technology to share OVOU Profile with people you meet.

Between NFC and QR it works with majority of smartphones in the market today.

iPhone Xs and newer: you can simply Tap

iPhone 6 – X: Open Camera and Scan QR code

Android Phones: Turn on NFC and Tap or Scan QR using camera

No. There’s no need for anyone to download an app.

Your OVOU Profile comes with an “Add To Contact” button which allows viewers to save your full contact information directly to their phones.

Anyone you or your connections share your profile link with. We host your OVOU Profile under ovou.me/your_username as a public webpage so people you meet can effortlessly get your contact information. Think of it as a personal website.

OVOU profiles don’t show on search engines and if you leave your username field empty, we generate it randomly so it’s harder for people to guess. We also don’t ask for your social media passwords and give you the control over what information you’d like to include in your profile.